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Re: [Parche] Confirmado: Temporadas y Ladder en el parche 2.

Notapor DEsCon88 » 20 May 2014, 08:02

Con motivo del 2º aniversario de Diablo III, varios de sus desarrolladores principales estan stremeando y comentando lo que les parece actualmente el juego y las ideas que tienen a corto plazo.

Podeis ver el stream completo aqui http://www.twitch.tv/diablo/b/529306369

Mensaje Original de Blizzard's Development Department

Nephalem Rifts
Rift Guardians will get some tweaks to make their fight last approximately equally long for comparable times in tiered Rifts. (Orlash's disappearing for a shorter time specifically mentioned)
RNG in Rift generation is going to be tweaked (expect more similar density levels) to make the times more comparable.
The progress bar during Rifts will now advance according to monster health, elite packs will account for much more than they currently do.
Rift-only zones are being looked at now that Adventure mode has given designers more freedom.
Tiered Rifts
Concept: Each Rift has a timer (15 minutes mentioned). Rifts get increasingly difficult up to the point where you can't handle them anymore.
There will be Leaderboards for Tiered Rifts (Separate for HC/SC, Season/Non-Season, classes and group sizes)
Tiered Rifts will be used as a benchmark to measure class balance (solo capabilities, group synergy, high vs. low difficulty farming speed to be taken into account)
2.1 has been worked on for multiple months now. Tiered Rifts are working in the internal build, though some UI elemts are only prototyped.
Opening Tiered Rifts will require normal Rifts for a new type of key.
After clearing a Tiered Rift, the key for the next tier drops, allowing you to open it once.
Rewards for Tiered Rifts are still being worked on but they should be the most rewarding thing you can do on a certain diffictuly (Legendary Gems hinted on)
Season's Leaderboards will probably be per class not per account.
Season length has not been decided on yet, they'll likely not be uniform with the first season probably being rather long.
Later seasons might change the rules of the game around.
Season only items will be rolled into the droppable item pool in non-season games after the end of a season.
More Transmog options will be available in the next patch (Class sets, Class restricted items - their Transmog won't appear for other classes though)
Treating crafting Mats like Currency and removing it from the stash is being discussed continuously.
Legendary items with elemental damage % are supposed to be flavorful, having a Cindercoat for every element is not happening.
The Healing stats as a whole aren't where they need to be right now (part of the issue being that there isn't a gamemode [in SC] where it matters enough).
The balancing for two-handed weapons is being influenced by Crusaders. It's still being looked into (note that a 50/50 ratio between the usage of 1h/2h amongst all classes is not desired, though).
Certain Legendaries only dropping from specific monsters is not being planned right now as players doing the same thing over and over again to get what they want is not desired.
Hydras proccing a lot of Lightning Bolts on Electrified packs will be looked into.
Teleport changes were not because of Calamity/Wormhole, but instead to buff the average wizard.
Art Development
Tools used: Maya, Photoshop, Blizzard's own editor, ZBrush (wasn't used by anyone but the cinematics team until a year ago)
Easter egg: Act 2 has a Hydralisk head in an abandoned town (in Stinging Winds?).
Story / Lore
Explaining with mood is preferred to explaining things with dialogue
The writers have to compromise when writing their story because it has to fit from a gameplay perspective and can't be too expensive, art-wise.
Skovos and Ureh were both supposed to be in the original Diablo 3, but were cut because they didn't seem to fit in.
Class skill sets are designed before their actual backgrounds, so which classes are being added to the game is decided from a gameplay perspective first and foremost.
The initial idea for Lorath was just "Tyrael has got to save someone's life in the cinematic", and when he was told to find the Player he suddenly had to actually be in the game to do just that, making him become a much more important character.
Imperius and many other angels are shaken by Malthael's betrayal itself more than by what he did to humans, especially he was the eldest on the council.
The angels fear the potential to choose good or evil in humans, specifically the Nephalem as he/she has become very powerful and him/her potentially turning evil is scary even to Tyrael.
Malthael had the Power of the Prime Evils in him after consuming the Black Soulstone (to be able to defeat the Nephalem), not being possessed by them but rather him being able to channel their powers.
After the death of Malthael, the combined Prime Evil Diablo was released, rather than the individual Evils.
Cain's Death
Was supposed to happen later, but didn't seem fitting from a gameplay point of view.
Since Tyrael (and later Adria) also took the role of the "Old Wise Man", there wasn't much for Cain to do, at this point.
Letting Cain be killed off by Lea accidentally (her not being able to control her powers) was also an idea, but since Maghda was the Villain of the hour at this point in the game, the decision went in her "favor".
Competitive PvE is still being looked into, even beyond Ladders and Tiered Rifts. How to measure success? Is highest Level in a season really the best measure?
The PC and Console versions of the game influence each other and features from one may carry over to the other in the future.
Adventure mode being better for leveling than Campaign mode is not really intentional, it should simply provide variety and its own rewards.
There will likely be more community buffs in the future.
Paid DLC is probably not going to happen, big expansions and free patches are Blizzard's way.
The Clan and Community features will be expanded in the future.
The Infernal Machine event might get expanded in the future, with better rewards added to it.
Jay Wilson was the main force behind the combat design in Diablo 3 as well as its physics engine.
Devs playing at home are not able to cheat.
Fuente: http://www.diablofans.com/news/48075-mo ... m-gambling

En una entrevista posterior, nos aclaran algunos de los puntos mas importantes.

Mensaje Original de Blizzard's Development Department

When a season ends, the loot and other benefits will carry over to the normal game
Players will be ranked per character and class
Each season will have new legendaries
Tiered Rifts:
There will be different leaderboards for season and non-season Tiered Rifts
Tiered Rifts will also be separated between Normal and Hardcore
The speed of clearing a Tiered Rift will take part in determining how difficult the next one will be
Tiered Rifts will most probably serve as a benchmark for balancing classes
Nephalem Rifts:
Pandemonium rifts were excluded from the options for Nephalem Rifts in patch 2.0.5
Rift Bosses will be tuned so that they deal pretty equal damage - this will not buff them though, but the opposite: the stronger attacks will receive some nerfs
The progress bar will be filling up differently depending on the type of monster killed
Set Items:
Set items will be available for transmogrification in the future
Underwhelming sets will be revamped (No ETA yet)
In the early development stages there was an idea that Leah would accidentally kill Deckard Cain because she couldn't control her powers
Chances are there will be a new Angel of Justice now that the 'position' was vacated by Tyrael
The ending strongly suggests all the Prime Evils have been released, not just Diablo, but the devs aren't willing to spoil too much of the story
Ground effects such as Plagued are currently bugged and deal too much damage - this will be hotfixed (see the Blue posts below)
An interesting fact: the battering ram in the Act 5 Pandemonium fortress entering does not move - it's the background that does
The devs have been thinking about the idea of Legendary gems as a reward from Tiered Rifts
They plan on doing something about the fact everyone uses Emeralds almost exclusively for their weapons
There are ideas about stashing the crafting mats in a similar way to the Gold and Blood Shards in order for inventory space to be saved
Currently there are no plans for additional Stash space being added
The Anniversary buff does not affect Kadala's loot
Fuente: http://www.diablofans.com/news/48072-an ... ifications
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Re: [Parche] Confirmado: Temporadas y Ladder en el parche 2.

Notapor DEsCon88 » 20 May 2014, 08:31

Basicamente, resumiendo los puntos mas importantes:

Tiered Rifts:
- Cada falla tendra un temporizador de 15 minutos. Cada falla que hagas ira aumentando la dificultad hasta que no puedas con ella.
- Van a equilibrar el tiempo que cuesta matar a cada uno de los bosses de falla para que no influya la suerte en el tiempo de la falla
- Los monstruos con mucha vida y los packs haran que suba mas rapido la barra de progreso de la falla.
- Van a intentar que todos los niveles aleatorios de falla tengan una densidad de bichos similar.
- La velocidad a la hora de completar una falla influira en la dificultad de la siguiente.
- Habra clasificacion para las fallas, separadas por ladder/no-ladder, hardcore/softcore, clases y tamaño del grupo.
- Las TIered Rifts nos serviran como comparativa para balancear mas las clases.
- Los desarrolladores estan pensando en la idea de Gemas Legendarias como recompensa de las tiered rifts.

- Las clasificaciones seran probablemente por clase, no por cuenta.
- La duracion todavia no esta decidida, seguramente no sean uniformes y la primera temporada dure bastante mas que el resto
- Los objetos exclusivos de season entraran en la tabla de loot en las partidas de no-ladder una vez finalice la correspondiente season.
- Cada season tendra nuevos legendarios.

- Estan barajando la posibilidad de poner los items de crafteo (polvos azules, cristales amarillos, etc..) junto al oro y las esquirlas de sangre como moneda y asi liberar espacio del alijo.

- No les gusta como esta el healing ahora mismo, asi que se preveen cambios en un futuro.
- No se planea que haya ciertos items que caigan de ciertos enemigos, ya que repetir una y otra vez el mismo enemigo para conseguir determinado objeto no es lo que quieren.
- Estan planeando hacer algo con el hecho de que casi todo el mundo utiliza esmeraldas como gema para el arma.
- Los sets mediocres seran modificados (no hay fecha prevista para esto)

- Los clanes y comunidades seran expandidos en un futuro
- El evento de maquina infernal sera expandido en un futuro, con nuevas y mejores recompensas añadidas
- No hay planes para aumentar el tamaño del alijo actualmente.
- A los desarrolladores que juegan desde su casa no les esta permitido hacer trampas.
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Re: [Parche] Confirmado: Temporadas y Ladder en el parche 2.

Notapor Ayim_Barrakus » 22 May 2014, 12:58

DEsCon88 escribió:El comercio NO va a volver, ya que ese era el punto fuerte de toda su idea de como hacer la expansion y no pueden eliminar la base sobre la que esta montada.

Que no va a volver la casa de subastas o el comercio? .... esque es estúpido un juego que su "gracia" reside en las distintas configuraciones con diversos items que tengas que jugar y jugar y jugar para que un objeto tan súmamente aleatorio te venga bien. Se puede dar el caso que nunca te caiga y no puedas comerciarlo.

Me parecería una gañanería por parte de blizzard... osea... si ellos no se lucran con el comercio no hay comercio¿?....
pues como sea así el juego se hará cansino, repetitivo, etc etc

Que asco da blizzard, ya se habló aquí de la casa de subastas.... que mataba el comercio y que iba a ser un gran fracaso, como así ha sido.... pero lo peor es vincular los objetos a la cuenta.... esque no te dejan ni comerciar por webs como d2jsp.

Cada vez tiene menos gracia el juego y mira que me han gustado muchas cosas de la expansión... pero esque obligan a la gente a jugar exactamente como dicen ellos que se debe jugar... una cosa es poner normas al juego y otra es ser unos tiranos... como son esta gente.

Cada vez extraño más el d2 !!
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