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[D3] Habilidades - Diablo III Beta Parche 13

Notapor MantiX » 19 Feb 2012, 13:16

  • The levels at which both active and passive skills unlock have been adjusted for all classes
  • Skill runes are now available for testing
  • - The first skill rune will unlock for all characters at level 6, and players can unlock additional runes as they level up
  • - In total, players will be able to gain access to 5 skill runes for each skill by level 60
  • Character skills have been broken down into categories, and each category has been assigned to a specific mouse button or action bar slot in the skill UI
  • - The following categories will be shared by all classes:
    • Primary Attack
    • "Primary Attack" applies to skills that typically generate resources and can be used frequently
    • By default, Primary Attack is assigned to the first mouse button
    • Secondary Attack
    • "Secondary Attack" applies to more powerful skills that are commonly limited by a cooldown or resource cost
    • By default, Secondary Attack is assigned to the second mouse button
    • Defensive
    • "Defensive" applies to skills which can be used to escape or control the flow of combat
    • By default, Defensive is assigned to the first action bar quick slot
    • Each class will also have three additional categories which are unique. By default, these categories will be assigned to the second, third, and fourth quick slots in the main action bar.
    • Elective Mode: For players who wish to explore character builds which cannot be accomplished with the provided categories, an “Elective Mode” has been provided. When activated, Elective Mode will allow you to place any skill in any skill category slot, as freely as you could before.
    • To enable Elective Mode, simply check the corresponding box located in the Gameplay Options menu.
    • The cooldown on swapping skills has been decreased from 30 seconds to 15 seconds
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